Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An LOA Perk

I just love when the Law of Attraction is so obvious you can't not see it working. Like today, for example, when LOA decided to reiterate for me that "You get more of what you appreciate."

In fact, the very word "appreciate" means (among other things) to increase in value. When we really bask in something that gives us pleasure, we increase its value. And we end up enjoying more things like it. Or sometimes, more of that very thing.

Today, I was on a break from writing, but still in my office, talking to my daughter Stacie on the phone during her lunch break, which is our habit. As we spoke, I was sipping a cup of decaf, and started telling her how much I was enjoying the Keurig coffee maker she'd got me for Christmas. It's so cool having it right in my second floor office, and being able to brew just one cup without moving more than three steps away from the work in progress. I love how fast it works and how it's always ready to go at the touch of a button. I love all the wonderful varieties of coffee and tea and even hot cocoa I've been trying in it. 

She was glad I was enjoying her gift, and I was glad I had thought to tell her how much. It was completely sincere. I really was aware of how much I love that little device today. (This is a good state to be in, no matter what little thing it is you're appreciating.)  I went back to work and so did she, and that was that.

When I finished my pages for the day, I went to check my email. And there was a message telling me I had earned a "Klout Perk." (Klout is a service that measures your social media influence. When you hit certain numbers, advertisers start offering you free stuff in hopes you'll love it and mention it online, influencing others to buy it.) I've had a few Klout Perks before. Let's see, I got a free jar of Hershey's Chocolate Spread (delicious!) a coupon for a new sandwich at McDonald's, which I think Lance used, and a free look at an episode of a TV series from Hulu, which I haven't watched. 

But this time, things were a whole lot bigger. This Klout Perk is a brand new Keurig 2.0, a machine that isn't yet available to buy! I eagerly accepted my perk and my free new coffee maker will be arriving in one to two weeks. I'm overjoyed, not just because I know I'll love it, but because I also love it when I can see LOA working so obviously. It's FUN to know I can increase the things I love best in my life just by the very act of loving and basking in  them. 

See that? What you appreciate increases. So quick, go appreciate something you really love, and want more of!

"Genie, you're free." ~Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

My post on this topic has been removed, as it seemed to be causing some pain and anger among people who do not understand or want to understand, Law of Attraction. It is never this blog's intent to put negative energy into the world, no do we seek to convert anyone to our way of thinking. The intent of the removed post was to offer comfort and hope and to discuss the touchy topic of suicide from a Law of Attraction based perspective with a Law of Attraction savvy audience.

People come to this blog to find a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, and  to become empowered to create the lives they want. That is always the perspective that will be offered here. If the notion of that doesn't appeal to you, then this blog is not for you. The people attracted here are people who want to know how they can fine tune their attitudes and habits of thought to create a better life experience. They are people who feel empowered rather than blamed, when they hear that we create our own reality.

If you're looking for a general blog about life and fiction without any spiritual slant, that can be found at:
The Coffee House Blog 

If you're looking for Law of Attraction based empowerment, advice, insight, and discussion, then this is the place for you.

For more on the subject of suicide from an LOA point of view:

Abraham-Hicks on Suicide Decisions, Crisis Centers and the Death Experience

Again, if discussion of LOA makes you angry, just don't click the link. This isn't intended for you.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Step by Step: Changing Bad Health

I write all the time about the theories and energies behind this thing we call life, what it is and what it isn't, and how it works and why it works that way, and how we ultimately have a lot more control than we think. I write about creating our own experience. 

Today I thought I'd take a stab at showing you how. How to, step by step, change a reality in your life that you do not like.

First, the basis of the lesson is this: The things in your life right now, everything from your income level to your health to your love life, are the results of a lifetime of beliefs that you have been nurturing and growing since childhood. Beliefs are thoughts you keep on thinking.

Here's how most think it works. I see evidence of something, which proves to me that something is true, and so I believe it. (I've been sick since I was a little kid. I get sick all the time.This is all the evidence I need to convince me. I am sickly, this is my belief.)

Here's how it really works. I experienced an illness in my life (as almost everyone born will do.) So I started to believe in illness. That belief drew to me another illness or a worsening of my old one, which proved to me even more that I'm a sickly person. And that belief, that I'm sickly person, brought me greater and greater health issues. It is my belief that has created my current state of health.

To change your reality, you have to change your belief. And that is not an easy task, because you think you're lying to yourself if you deny what is right in front of you.  A sick person cannot say "I am healthy" and believe it, because they are, in fact, sick, and they cannot deny their own reality. And also because the very idea that anyone thinks they can change their condition by their own will makes them angry. It invalidates their sickness and suffering.

However, would you rather be right, or would you rather be healthy? If you'd rather be healthy, then what do you have to lose to try another way of looking at things?

A belief is just a thought you keep on thinking over and over. Each time you think it, you attract evidence of its truth to your experience, so you see "proof" that it's true. To change a belief, you must change your thoughts. Thinking positive things over and over will work exactly the same way. It will attract evidence to you, and you will see "proof" that this positive way of thinking is true. 

So let's work on how we do that, step by step. We'll use health as an example.

1.  Each day, first thing in the morning, say out loud the things that are good in your life. Make it a morning prayer if you want to. Do not focus at all on anything that's wrong. Only what's right.

2. Each day, in the shower, give thanks for everything about your physical body that IS working right. Everything that's perfect. Notice the good things about your health. Your teeth. Your hair. Your skin. Every organ in your entire system that is functioning as it should. Take time to notice too, the larger systems that are working just fine all by themselves. The seasons, the rotation of the planet, the interactions of the sun and the moon and the stars, of things we didn't even know existed a few years ago like dark energy, and how it's all worked just perfectly even though we humans were completely unaware of it. Everything works. It's effortless. All we have to do is relax and let go.

3. As you go through the day, each time your body gives you an ache or a pain to remind you of your condition, consciously let that feeling pass right on by. Don't "latch onto" it by giving it your attention. If you ignore it, it will pass, especially if you put your attention on something fun, something pleasant and positive. I believe in pain relievers. If you can silence the pain, you are not being constantly reminded of the problem, and the less you think about the problem the better.

4. As you go to sleep at night, make your bedtime prayer something like this: The cells of my body know exactly what is needed, and they know how to get it. I don't need to do a thing. Well being is my natural state, and it will come to me just as easily as sleep comes to me. As easily as breath comes to me. As easily as the sun rises in the morning. It's natural. It's inevitable. And it's easy. I don't have to do a thing but relax and allow. 

5. Stop doing research on your condition. Stop looking it up on the internet. Stop discussing it with everyone. Stop making it the central focus of your existence. Stop giving it so much importance. Let your doctors do all that. It's their job, not yours. Hand it over and let go of it. Every time you think of your ailment, or focus on it, or are even aware of it, you're blocking your own well being. This is the opposite of relaxing and allowing.

The illness or condition is nothing but a temporary result of an old habit of thought. The minute your habits of thought change, your beliefs begin to change, and the minute your beliefs about your health change, really change, way down deep, the physical wellness will follow. It has to. It's natural law.

6. Spend your time listening to your body's desires. Eat the foods you crave. Do the activities you long to do. Pay extreme attention to how you feel, and when something feels bad, shift immediately away from it, whether it's an activity or a thought. And once you do, don't think about it again. On the other hand, when something feels good, go for more of it, whether it's ice cream or a jog. If you pay close attention, you'll find your body is telling you what it wants. Trust in your body. It knows what to do. 

7. *This step is for later in the process. At the beginning, you can't think about your illness at all without feeling like a suffering, unfairly treated victim of fate and resenting it. It takes time to be able to think of the condition at all without these emotions. Only when you can consider it objectively, as if it's happening to someone else, not you, can you take this step.

When you can do so honestly, begin to take note of positive things that have come from your health issue. What have you changed? What have you learned? How have you grown? How have the people around you grown from this? It came as a direct result of where you were mentally, spiritually and emotionally when it was created. It's no more than a road sign, telling you you're heading the wrong way. You don't curse the road sign that tells you you're off track, do you? You don't curse your GPS for telling you to make the next legal U-turn. You bless it for guiding you back onto the correct route to get to where you want to go. So bless the condition for showing you where NOT to go. Thank it for showing you that you were off track and entering dangerous territory. Stop cursing and hating it. Those things hold it to you. Look at it, and at what it's showing you about your current course, and then, recalibrate and change directions. Drive away from it. Turn your back on it. 

Once you've done this, you don't need to do it again. Driver's don't turn around, drive ten miles, then reverse direction to take one more look at that road sign. You don't need to do that. Your GPS is still with you, guiding you in the right direction. (Its directions are your feelings, by the way. Things that feel bad or uncomfortable are your GPS telling you "Not this way." Things that feel good are how it tells you "Yes, keep going this way." 

8. As you proceed through this process, begin to notice improvements in your health. No matter how tiny, notice them, and know what they are: Proof that this is working. Proof that you can easily regain your well being by steadily chipping away at those old beliefs and replacing them with empowering new ones. Proof that you are heading in the right direction now, on your way back to well being, and leaving that old problem farther and farther behind you with every step you take. The more proof you see that your health is improving, the stronger your belief will become. And when your belief is absolute, your health will be restored.

Yes, we all have to die of something. And yes, we'll all die when our higher selves know it's the best time for us, young or old. But we don't have to sicken, and suffer to die. We can thrive right up until our final breaths. And death is not a failure, nor is it a tragedy. It's just waking up from the dream that is our life. It's waking up to the more vivid, more real, bigger, more expanded life. The one that doesn't end. 

Give it a try. See what you think. For more on this, listen to this bit of an Abraham-Hicks seminar from Albequerque NM this March.